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Sprout Social offers social media engagement, publishing, analytics, listening and reporting solutions for leading agencies and brands including Loews Hotel, NBC Universal, Macys, Chipotle and Sony. Available via web browser, iOS and Android, Sprout enables brands to simplify social management, collaborate across teams and provide an exceptional customer experience. Sprout Social supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Sprout Social offers social media engagement, publishing, analytics, listening and reporting solutions for leading agencies and brands.
Meet Thryv, the end-to-end client experience platform built for small businesses. Thryv integrates essential business functions like estimates and invoicing, appointment scheduling, payment processing, text and email campaigns, managing customer lists, social media, and more. End-to-end client experience platform built for small businesses.
Sendible is the leading social media management platform for agencies looking to manage social media more effectively for their clients. The Sendible platform brings all your social networks together into a centralized hub and is the easiest way to execute a winning social media strategy for multiple brands at scale. Positioned as a productivity tool for agencies, you can be certain that your team will save hours of time! Social media management tool with brand monitoring, content sharing, multiple networks support, social media/email analysis & tracking.
NapoleonCat is a social media management and customer service tool. Main functionalities include managing multiple social media channels, automating customer service, analyzing marketing results, monitoring and benchmarking against competitors, collaborating within teams, and automating reporting processes. Our platform offers solutions for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google My Business. Were a trusted Facebook Marketing Partner. NapoleonCat is a social media management tool that makes life easier for small businesses, e-commerce, agencies, marketers.
Software for managing your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. Software for managing your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.
This is a platform where industry 4.0 converges with Customer Experience management to provide an end-to-end solution for Marketing, Branding and Customer Service Enhancement. We offer Social Listening, Online Reputation Management, Digital Intelligence and Chatbots connected via dashboards under a singular tool, to deep dive into actionable Analytics and Insights. We have a global footprint servicing amongst the Fortune 500. The Ultimate Customer Experience Management Platform
Batchbook is a simple contact database that integrates with tons of apps. Keep all your meaningful contact info in Batchbook for a complete, current story about each person's history with your business. Search across contacts to find the exact person or people you need. Dynamic lists stay current. If contacts belong they're auto-added and if they don't they're auto-removed! Batchbook's mobile-responsive, so you can access contacts 24/7. We save you time so you can get to know your customers. Cloud-based contact management tool which assists small businesses with pipeline tracking, contact management and reporting.
Khoros Care enables clients to serve their customers on their digital channel of choice with unmatched operational insight & automation to boost customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Khoros Care offers Messaging to serve more customers with the convenience of messaging; In-App Messaging to securely message with customers in your brands mobile app or website; & Social Care to monitor & respond on social channels at any volume to protect your brand and build customer satisfaction. Khoros care enables you to manage social campaigns and responses with precision and efficiency.
The SocialCRM auto shop marketing service provides a comprehensive approach to attracting and retaining customers, using the latest digital marketing strategies to engage customers and accelerate business growth.Key features include automated email and text campaigns, verified customer reviews, social media content, professional websites, online appointment scheduling, performance & benchmark reporting, dedicated marketing support, integration with the Manager SE shop management, and more Helps auto shops automate their marketing efforts through reputation management, social media marketing, and customer engagement.
CRMNEXT is the Worlds most powerful financial CRM. It has practice leadership across nine verticals assisting businesses from SMEs to Fortune 500 businesses in optimizing customer relationships. Gartner recognizes CRMNEXT as a leading player in Sales force automation, Service Management and Lead Management. It is committed to make digital journeys of its customers, simpler and profitable through disruptive innovations. For more information, visit www.crmnext.com CRMNEXT is a global CRM solution provider, a specialist in optimizing customer relationships.
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With Astute Social, your customer care and marketing teams have a single platform to manage social listening and brand monitoring, social care and consumer engagement, ratings and reviews across a variety of review platforms, social post scheduling, sentiment tracking, and multi-channel ad campaigns. Advanced natural language and sentiment analysis surface the posts that need your attention and direct CRM integration ensures customer issues are handled quickly with no duplicate work. Engage in real time across social channels, gain valuable insights from social listening, publish posts, and manage ratings/reviews.
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SeoToaster CRM is ideal for any website-centric organization or campaign, as it ships with its own mobile friendly landing pages builder, full blown Content Management System, and web store supporting digital downloads. Track ad campaigns effectiveness, behaviors across sites, downloads, chat conversations, phone calls, open emails & attachments, store amounts transactions, and more. Ships with workflows, drip campaign etc.. Enroll for a free trial or ask for a demo from our site now. SeoToaster CRM features a mobile-friendly landing pages builder, full blown content management system, and web store in one product.
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Continuon's AI powered platform helps brands understand their social media communities & content, identify nano-influencers, and build data-driven campaigns that increase ROI. Understand what interests your social audiences. Create social marketing thats real, authentic and relevant. Brands using Continuon to optimize their content have reported an increase in organic reach of more than 50%. An AI powered platform to analyze content, identify nano-influencers and improve social ROI.

Social CRM Tools Software Buyers Guide

What is a social CRM tool?

A social customer relationship management (CRM) tool is a combination of the features of social media and CRM software. The tool helps businesses engage with customers on various social media platforms. 

Businesses can track, monitor, and respond to all customer interactions using a centralized dashboard. This avoids asking employees to individually review hundreds of posts, mentions, comments, and hashtags every day.

The benefits of social CRM tools

Businesses primarily use social CRM tools to monitor their brand mentions on social media and manage interactions. Whether it’s a tweet complaining about a product or an Instagram story about your store, the tools let you address all such social interactions quickly and efficiently. 

Listed below are some of the benefits of using a social CRM tool: 

  • Centralize all social media interactions: The software’s centralized dashboard lets you monitor and manage social media interactions. This saves a lot of time and ensures that no activity on, or mention of, your brand goes unacknowledged.
  • Gain better insights into your target audience: Businesses can gain insights about their target audience with features such as social listening, customer social profiles, automated reports, and advanced analytics. These insights can help your sales and marketing teams improve customer segmentation and targeting.
  • Improve customer retention and generate leads: The tool helps you quickly respond to queries on social media. This can improve retention as customers will notice that your business is prompt in responses. Using behavioural and linguistic triggers, you can also find prospective customers who like or follow you or your competitors.
  • Engage customers and build your brand reputation: The tool keeps you connected with your target audience via their social feed. Quick responses to customer queries will keep them engaged with your brand, allowing you to build your reputation online.

Typical features of social CRM tools

  • Social media integration: Connect multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, to a single portal. 
  • Centralized responding: Respond to comments, messages, and mentions on multiple social platforms from within the CRM system. 
  • Content sharing: Share brand-related content on multiple social platforms to engage with existing and prospective customers.
  • Social media monitoring: Listen for brand mentions by auto-monitoring comments, posts, and hashtags on various social media platforms. Seek out customer complaints and problems, while also identifying customer trends.
  • Customer social profiles: Use publicly available data from customers’ social media accounts to understand your audience; also, get a better idea of the customers’ needs and interests.
  • Reporting/analytics: Track and monitor audience engagement; also, get customized reports of their activity.

Considerations when buying social CRM tools

  • Check for social media integration with your CRM tool: Many CRM solutions integrate with social media platforms and offer similar functionalities as social CRM tools .
  • Assess your analytics requirements: Some vendors offer marketing and analytics tools with advanced tracking and analytical capabilities. These tools generate deeper insights than a social CRM tool. If your use case is more aligned with social media management or marketing, consider using these tools instead of social CRM.
  • Marketing and sales automation trends: As social media becomes "the" platform for sales and marketing campaigns , businesses will want a social CRM tool that offers this functionality or integrates with another platform that does. Some vendors are offering this functionality through third-party providers.
  • Social commerce/selling to grow exponentially: As social commerce gains traction, social media platforms are proving to be integral . Businesses are using social media networks and messaging platforms, such as WeChat , to expand their digital storefronts. Based on this trend, we expect social CRM tool vendors to offer integrations with social commerce/selling tools. The integration would allow users to manage interactions and sales from a central portal.