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Millimetric automates manual and routine tasks conducted by data analysts in Business Units in order to limit revenue leakages and optimize their ad spend. It monitors all of your business metrics across multiple data sources in one place and provides instant alerts regarding anomalous data along with its root cause. Learn more about Millimetric.ai Millimetric.ai automates KPI analysis within your e-commerce and digital marketing data to detect issues and opportunities. Learn more about Millimetric.ai
TUNE builds technology that powers successful marketing partnerships across mobile and web. TUNE Partner Marketing Platform is the industry's most flexible SaaS platform for building, managing, and growing partner programs and networks. Headquartered in Seattle with hundreds of employees worldwide, TUNE is trusted by innovative affiliate marketers, the largest performance advertising networks, and iconic brands across the globe. Learn more about TUNE TUNE builds technology that powers successful marketing partnerships across mobile and web. Learn more about TUNE
Cloud service providing real-time SEO auditing and change management to improve and maintain search engine visibility. Learn more about ContentKing Cloud service providing real-time SEO auditing and change management to improve and maintain search engine visibility. Learn more about ContentKing
1 of 5 clicks on your PPC campaign is most likely...useless. ClickCease blocks competitors and bots from clicking on your Google Ads. Main features: Custom detection settings Google Ads refund automation Landing page video recording Spy on competitor creative and their positions. ClickCease offers a full set of tools geared for SMB's and Agency accounts. Learn more about ClickCease With ClickCease you will : Automatically Detect Fraud --> Block Clicks --> See visitor (and fraud) recordings --> Save your ad spend. Learn more about ClickCease
Agile CRM analytics provides deep insight into customer behavior and website performance. Get actionable insights into customer lead and prospect activity taking place on your site or mobile app. Using Agile CRM analytics, analyze customer interests and web engagement patterns with activity reports, timelines and real-time alerts. Learn more about Agile CRM Agile CRM is a complete sales, marketing and service suite designed to let SMBs to sell and market like the Fortune 500. Learn more about Agile CRM
Real user monitoring, session replay, behavior insights, issue root-cause analysis (down to the technology layer, javascript, application code, database sql, network request, etc), automation and alert, in real-time, 24x7, and our help for free. Learn more about germain APM Real user monitoring, session replay, behavior insights, and issue root-cause, automation and alert, real-time, 24x7, and free help Learn more about germain APM
Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for web and mobile helping over 200,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the whys behind users actions. Why do users churn, or why arent they using that feature? Eliminate the guesswork: always-on visitor recordings and heatmaps show real user behavior, while automatic event tracking and conversion funnels reveal trends in behavior. Not just numbers and graphs, Smartlook tells you why users behave the way they do. Learn more about Smartlook Smarlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites & mobile apps with always-on recordings, heatmaps, automatic event, & funnels Learn more about Smartlook
EngageBay is a simple, affordable, all-in-one marketing, sales and service CRM software built for small businesses and startups to acquire, engage, nurture web visitors and convert them to happy customers. Acquire leads through lead generation forms and popups, engage web visitors through beautiful landing pages, nurture them through engaging emails, and automate your marketing funnel through marketing automation - all from one easy to use platform. Learn more about EngageBay EngageBay is a simple, affordable all-in-one marketing, sales and service CRM software to acquire, engage, nurture, close leads. Learn more about EngageBay
Mouseflow is a behavior analytics platform used to optimize website experiences towards improving conversions. With Mouseflow, you can find answers that traditional analytics tools can't by allowing you to watch your website visitors' sessions, build 6 types of heatmaps for all your pages automatically, set up funnels to watch where and why your visitors drop, use form analytics to improve your lead generation, and launch feedback campaigns to learn more about your visitors. Learn more about Mouseflow User behavior recording platform that helps reveal website visitors' activities through heatmaps, session replays, funnels and more. Learn more about Mouseflow
Real-time monitoring your user's behaviour. Detect and report abnormal user activities. Learn more about UX Sniff Real-time monitoring your user's behaviour. Detect and report abnormal user activities. Learn more about UX Sniff
Unique and Powerfull White Label Reporting Platform for Marketing-, Web- and Media Agencies. Including Ads, Web leads B2B, SEO, Web Analytics, Social Media, Intuitive Reports, and much more. Learn more about Agency360 Marketing Reporting Unique and Powerfull White Label Reporting Platform for Marketing-, Web- and Media Agencies. Including Ads, Web leads B2B, SEO, etc. Learn more about Agency360 Marketing Reporting
Analytics platform that enables businesses of all sizes to track users' behavior, gain marketing insights and more. Analytics platform that enables businesses of all sizes to track users' behaviors, gain marketing insights and more.
Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful online presence. Look like an expert right from the start with award-winning templates for your website, online store, or portfolio. Customize the design to fit your personal style and professional needs. Get found in search by more people with powerful SEO tools. Learn where your website traffic is coming from, what your visitors are looking for, and how they're interacting with your content or products with in-depth Analytics tools. Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful website, online store, or portfolio.
Award winning business analytics that is a full suite of products accessible in one platform. Leverage cross channel data points to grow your business organically or implement a strong ROI driven search campaign. Once leads are delivered utilize the #1 CRM Software for SMB's for deal tracking and sales management. Powerful analytics software for brands. Talk to a web analytics expert today.
Hotjar is the #1 user feedback & behavior analytics software for Marketers, Product Managers, Analysts & UX Designers. Hotjar is the fast & visual way to give added depth to the insights you get from traditional analytics tools: using them together, you can answer questions about the behavior and needs of your users that quantitative analytics alone can¿t answer for you. Hotjar is the #1 user feedback & behavior analytics software for Marketers, Product Managers, Analysts & UX Designers.
Sisense is the only business intelligence software that makes it easy for users to prepare, analyze and visualize complex data. Sisense provides an end-to-end solution for tackling growing data sets from multiple sources, that comes out-of-the-box with the ability to crunch terabytes of data and support thousands of users--all on a single commodity server. Sisense has already won over the hearts of some of the worlds leading, most data-intensive companies, including eBay, Henry Schein, NASA Sisense delivers rapid, full-scale analytics on large and scattered datasets and allows for easy exploration of complex data.
A Moz Pro subscription includes: access to site tracking with Campaigns, where you can learn how your site health, link building, and keyword performance impact your SEO success; Research Tools that analyze your competitors efforts, support your keyword research process, and show you new opportunities for link building outreach; and a wealth of resources for learning SEO and inbound marketing. Moz Pro starts at $99/month with the option of a free 30-day trial. Moz Pro starts at $99/month and includes access to Moz Campaigns; Moz Research Tools; a Q&A forum and more. Free 30-day trial.
Visitor Analytics is an accessible way of understanding website analytics. The software is GDPR-compliant and offers a straightforward user experience through statistical dashboards, simple visuals and performance-based comparisons. Visitor Analytics shows you the visitors' path & history, bounce rate, pages performance, conversion rates, campaigns, referrers and other valuable data about user behavior through session recordings, heatmaps and funnels. Visitor Analytics is a software that enables website owners to track, graph and map site visitors in real-time.
Pendo was founded when alumni from Rally, Google, Cisco and Red Hat combined their heads and hearts to build something they wanted but never had as product managers a simple way to understand and attack what truly drives product success. With powerful analytics, in-application user feedback, and contextual guidance designed to help companies measure and elevate the customer experience within their applications, Pendo is on a mission to improve society's experiences with software. Pendo provides analytics to understand what users are doing across their product journey - without the engineering resources.
Looker is reinventing business intelligence for the modern company. Looker works the way the web does: browser-based, its unique modeling language lets any employee leverage the work of your best data analysts. Operating 100% in-database, Looker capitalizes on the newest, fastest analytic databasesto get real results, in real time. Lookers lightweight open architecture make it easy for developers to quickly and flexibly build, deploy, and iterate custom on data applications. Data exploration and analytics solution combining modeling, transformations, and derivations at the same layer.
Get better understanding of your efforts with Google, Bing, SEO and daily website analytics is only the tip of the web analytics iceberg. Having the detail and performance all of your efforts becomes powerful when you have them in realtime and in one place. What if you could have a view into every web performance KPI from your laptop or smart device, real time, any time? ClicData will make understanding your efforts and their performance easier than ever. ClicData for Web Analytics is the easiest way to understand your website performance via analytics and in a real time and in real time.
With information about your brand scattered across the digital ecosystem, its never been possible to see a complete view of how consumers interact with your business online. Yext Analytics brings customer interactions into focus everywhere they occur. Purpose-built to show a true picture of your performance across sites, platforms, and devices, Yext helps you measure not only how well you rank in search, but how many of the facts that consumers see about your business you truly control. Bring customer engagement into focus everywhere.
TapClicks is world class reporting that saves you time, in the file type you want. Export and schedule automatic reports into Email, Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint. We save you from manually generating dozens of separate reports. TapClicks comes loaded with both pre-built visualizations and with a library of widgets you can setup to answer the business questions you regularly face or that come up on the fly. Enhance your ability to make the right decisions, with impactful visualizations. Web-based reporting & analytics platform - consolidating marketing data & performance metrics into a single dashboard.
AgencyAnalytics is an enterprise marketing dashboard that impresses clients and saves time. White label the dashboard and give clients their own personal logins to let them see your awesome marketing campaign at work. SEO tools like rank tracking, audits and backlinks are built in. Integrate other services like social media, Google Analytics, call tracking and PPC to create the whole marketing picture. AgencyAnalytics is an all-in-one reporting dashboard that impresses clients and saves time. We integrate SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web +
Did you know that 98% of your website visitors never leave their contact information? With Leadfeeder, you can uncover the companies who are visiting your website from your web analytics, see which pages they are visiting and from what sources, and send them to your CRM to be collaborated with your team. We help you approach leads with the right angle so that you can close more sales. It's not a coincidence that we're rated #1 in the Google Analytics Partner Gallery! Leadfeeder is a web analytics tool that identifies your site visitors and sends them to your CRM as leads.
At Mixpanel, our mission is to increase the rate of innovation. Through our powerful web analytics platform, companies can analyze how and why their users engage, convert, and retain across their website and other devices. Then use that data to improve the user experience. Over 26,000 companies - including 30% of The Fortune 100 - trust Mixpanel to grow their business. Mixpanel is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Seattle, Austin, London, Barcelona, and Singapore. Mixpanel helps companies analyze how users engage, convert, and retain across their website - then use that data to improve their site.
SEO PowerSuite is a set of 4 tools that help optimize websites, improve content, run backlink campaigns and track your progress. These tools include: Rank Tracker - to research keywords, track rankings, and analyze competitors; WebSite Auditor - to crawl and optimize site structure, improve on-page optimization; SEO SpyGlass - to discover and analyze site's backlinks; LinkAssistant - to run link building and outreach campaigns. SEO PowerSuite is cross-platform and multi-lingual software. SEO PowerSuite is a cross-platform software solution for in-house SEOs, agencies, and freelancers.
Heatmaps, User Recordings & A/B Testing. 300,000 Customers. Heatmaps show you how customers scroll, click, engage and experience your website or application. Filters help you understand specific customer segments &use cases. User Recordings help you follow individual user journeys through your website or application. You can organize Recordings into playlists to quickly identify patterns. A/B Testing and Editing helps you translate what you've learned into experiments to improve UX. Heatmaps, User Recordings and A/B Testing. 300,000 Customers. Alive and kicking since 2005.
B2B lead generation software that identifies the companies that visit your website, what they did on your website, and the key decision makers at those companies so you know who to contact. We built Visitor Queue because we weren't satisfied with the current software on the market! Utilize our modern UI/features to easily manage all your leads or one of our integrations to send leads directly to your CRM. 98% of your visitors leave without converting - find out who they were today! B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details and user data of the businesses that visit your website.
SimilarWeb is a global cross-device market intelligence company used by 100,000s of businesses worldwide, including Google, eBay, Nike, and United Airlines, to discover, decide and deploy their digital strategy. SimilarWeb has raised $65 million to date, and currently employs more than 250 people across 8 global offices. SimilarWeb was recognized in 2015 as one of Europes top 100 fastest growing companies by Red Herring, was selected by Wired Magazine as one of the hottest 100 start-ups. Digital market intelligence company used by 100,000s of businesses for global cross-device strategic insights.
Why aren't my visitors converting? As many as 99% of your visitors will never turn into customers, and Lucky Orange knows why. Installation is fast and takes just a few seconds no coding required. In addition, Lucky Orange is easy to use, ready to go out of the box, and every plan includes full access to all of our features, including Dynamic Heatmaps, User Recordings, Live Chat, Surveys & Polls, Conversion Funnels, Realtime Dashboard, and Daily Email Reports. See how visitors really use your site with Dynamic Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Form Analytics, Live Chat, Polls, and more!
FullStory's web analytics platform empowers businesses to continuously improve the customer experience across sites and apps. At the core of FullStory's platform is a powerful analytics engine that connects digital interactions to the metrics that matter most to businesses. FullStory proactively surfaces top opportunities to optimize digital experience, enabling teams to understand issues, prioritize fixes, remediate bugs, and measure the impact of those changes. FullStory web analytics helps businesses understand, measure, and improve their digital experience across sites and apps.
Proof's flagship product, Pulse, helps online business increase their leads and sales by showing real-time social proof. Visitors will see notifications on the page when other people sign up or purchase. Seeing this builds trust and confidence with the visitor, which leads to higher conversions. Across 20,000 sites that use Proof, the average conversion lift of leads and sales is 10-15%. Proof Pulse is perfect for any online business that wants to convert their visitors to leads and sales. Increase your website conversions by showing real-time social proof. Across 20,000 sites, the average conversion lift is 10-15%.
Acquisio, provides industry leading AI-powered software for marketers, agencies and local SEM resellers to scale their PPC offering on advertising platforms like Google, Facebook and Bing. With Acquisio, businesses can replace tedious tasks like launching campaigns, duplicating campaigns across advertising platforms, and managing campaign bids and budgets with automation, machine learning and AI. This lets them stay focused on value added tasks that help move the needle. AI-powered digital marketing software for agencies and local SMB resellers to launch, optimize, and report on PPC campaigns at scale
Chatmeter specializes in online reputation and review management for multi-location brands and agencies. Chatmeter helps businesses make a distinct impact in revenue by improving various areas of their online presence that determine if a customer will visit their store, or a competitors including online reviews, local business listings, SEO rankings, and more. Chatmeter helps multi-location brands monitor their online reviews and social media, optimize online listings, and local SEO.
Amplitude is a leading web and mobile analytics solution with cross-platform user journey tracking, user behavior analysis and segmentation capabilities. Go beyond metrics like pageviews and clicks. See every path users take in a single view and zoom in to understand the context and intent behind their actions. Answer complex product questions like, which activities keep users coming back? What is the impact of your latest release? Amplitude's Behavioral Platform does the heavy lifting. Analytics solution that analyzes customer behavior to streamline processes across campaign management, conversion tracking, and more.
Identify Who Is Visiting Your Website & Turn Unknown B2B Website Visitors Into Leads. We Reveal The Businesses Looking At Your Products And Services - In Real-Time, Providing Your Team With Contact Information Of Key Employees, Adding Greater Context To Your Analytics Experience. You Can Also Receive Pre-qualified Leads By Creating Trigger Notifications Based On Information Specific To Your Website. Whoisvisiting - B2B Website Visitor Tracking Software. Turn Unknown Website Visitors Into Leads.
Marketers, product managers, and business analysts use Indicative to optimize customer conversion, engagement, and retention. Indicative connects to all your customer data sources, synthesizes them into a into a complete view of behavior, and gives you the actionable insights you need to grow your customer base and build great products. Indicatives free plan offers up to 1 Billion user actions per month and complete access to the robust behavioral analytics platform! Customer Analytics that tells you how to grow your business, free for up to 50 million events!
Contentsquare empowers brands to build better digital experiences. Our Digital Experience Analytics Platform tracks and visualises billions of digital behaviours, delivering intelligent recommendations that everyone can use to grow revenue, increase loyalty and fuel innovation. With offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Munich, Tel Aviv and Tokyo, today we help 600+ enterprises to deliver better digital experiences for their customers. Contentsquare's Digital Experience Analytics Platform empowers brands to build better digital experiences for their customers.
ID who's visiting your site now - and what they've been researching across the web. VisitorTrack is predictive marketing to track, capture and identify the anonymous business visitors coming to your site - without any registration. VisitorTrack integrates real-time anonymous web visitor identification with Bomboras Company Surge intent data into a single toolset to pinpoint active demand for your products and services. ID who's visiting your site now - and what they've been researching across the web.
Siteimprove offers the world's most comprehensive cloud-based Digital Presence Optimization (DPO) software. The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform provides eye-opening insights that empower you and your team to create higher quality content, drive better traffic, measure digital performance, and work towards regulatory compliance - all from one place. Siteimprove is also proud to offer best-in-class technical support, academy courses, services, and technology integrations. Siteimprove cloud-based software combines everything you need to perfect your digital presence.
SEO Tester Online is the all-in-one platform that helps marketers, businesses, e-commerce and web agencies in 45 countries around the world to monitor and improve the organic visibility of their website or that of their customers, thanks to innovative tools and guided, designed for SEO and web marketing. With SEO Tester Online you can generate leads, work on the technical optimization of your website, search and organize keyword lists and create SEO-friendly articles in the blink of an eye. The SEO platform to analyze, optimize and monitor websites and contents and to overcome competitors on search engines.
AI and machine learning-enabled, web-based content marketing platform that allows medium to large businesses to perform research for trending topics, keywords and more while tracking page-speed performance. The search is based on seasonality and events. Further, it also assists in tracking the content ranking and page-speed performance, across various digital channels. Web-based platform that provides businesses with resources required for promoting their marketing content and track its performance.
Heap Analytics is specifically built for medium to enterprise businesses. Heap automatically captures every user action taken on your site. No IT integration is required it works out of the box. Similar tools, including Mixpanel and Google Analytics, require integration and continued maintenance to track user interactions. Heap automatically tracks every user action ever click, tap, and swipe in your web or iOS app.
The all-in-one platform for your business to understand and convert more of your web traffic. View real time web analytics of your website visitors, capture and qualify leads with intelligent live chat, and use the unique real time Customer Data Hub to view, manage and segment leads and users. The all-in-one platform for your business. Real time web analytics, intelligent live chat and a customer data hub.
Exponea marketing cloud helps businesses get maximum value from collecting, analysing, and acting upon customer interactions. Unlike any other cloud solution, we're proud to have built a platform that delivers one-on-one customer experience in just a few days and allows marketers to run, automate, and evaluate campaigns independent of their IT departments. Exponea is a CDP with built-in marketing automation capabilities able to collect, analyze, and activate customer data in real-time.
Matomo (formerly Piwik) is the #1 open-source web analytics platform, used on over 1.4 million websites in over 190 countries. Matomo values privacy protection, 100% data ownership and no data sampling. It has two different hosting options - cloud and on-premise. Cloud takes the hassle out of installation, whereas on-premise is the free, open-source and self-hosted PHP/MySQL software you can install on your own server, which gives you max. flexibility. Matomo (formerly Piwik) is the #1 open-source web analytics platform, used on over 1.4 million websites in over 190 countries.
Leading SEO Experts and Content Marketing Specialists Use Squirrly SEO Tools for WordPress. Squirrly SEO provides personalized routes (tells you exactly what to focus on) to rank each page in TOP 10 of Google. You will receive Expert Level advice from the 1st ever non-human SEO consultant that has studied over 600,000 websites over a period of 7 years. Everyone will start thinking you're an SEO Superstar, and the truth is: you will be. If you use all that Squirrly offers. Looking to rank your WordPress sites to TOP 10 on Google? You'll boost rankings, organic traffic, write Perfect SEO articles, and more.
80% of shares are made through copy-paste, messaging apps, and email. GetSocial solves this by offering a unique blend of social widgets for 30+ networks to increase your organic social traffic, detailed analytics about sharing activity, including dark social, tools to automate publishing and a revolutionary URL shortener that tracks 100% of social activity after the 1st click. You'll never be in doubt about traffic sources again! GetSocial is the best solution for Content and Social Marketers. Social tools and content analytics platform for marketers and publishers to measure and increase social traffic, including dark social.
Creates detail profiles on companies visiting your website, reveals what services and products they are interested in, what source they came from, and their overall readiness to buy. You can subsequently segment your visitors and empower your sales with the most accurate leads. Research less, call more and close more deals faster. Recognizes your website visitors and reports back to you.
Anodot monitors all your data in real-time for lightning-fast detection of the specific incidents that impact your revenue. Anodot is an advanced AI platform, built to monitor, analyze and correlate 100% of company data in real-time, dramatically enhancing the performance and reliability of your business. Anodot monitors revenue & cost, partners & affiliates and user experience in data-centric industries such as: Ad-tech, Fin-tech, eCommerce, Gaming, Online Business and Telecommunications. Autonomous Business Monitoring platform identifies revenue critical issues using AI / ML, providing real-time alerts and forecasts.
Web analytics software with site session replays, user event tracking, and customer segmentation. We aim to make it easy to solve your customer's problems, find answers about how your product is used, and optimize overall experience in your web application. Web analytics software with site session replays, user event tracking, and customer segmentation.
marketgoo makes improving your site's traffic and Google rankings easy for small businesses, with DIY SEO tools adapted for non-technical users. We also partner with hosting companies, agencies and providers to provide white label solutions. The easiest SEO tool to start increasing your website traffic and Google rankings.
Essential SEO tools in a single pack: Rank Tracker has the freshest rankings & informative data chart set for the right decisions. Site Auditor provides on-page optimization issues to improve the technical side of a website. Competitors help to build correct SEO strategy against rivals. Top Analyzer gives detailed TOP10 SERP analysis for a keyword. Keyword Finder includes different types of keyword data-mining. Analytics and Reports are available within the integration of Google services. Incredible set of SEO products for SEO analysis of different difficulties. Get important insights and forget about routine.
LogRocket surfaces errors that are affecting users and provides you with a video and logs for every bug report. Watching the video replay helps you understand what the user did to trigger a bug. Network requests, JavaScript exceptions, and code bugs are all captured and replayed in LogRocket, and since the video is a faithful reproduction of the DOM, you can inspect the original HTML/CSS to understand and reproduce UI bugs. LogRocket is a tool built for engineers, support agents, designers, and product managers to create the best possible web experience.
CAKE provides performance marketing software with solutions for affiliate marketing, lead generation and multichannel marketing that enables advertisers, networks and publishers to manage, measure and optimize marketing performance in real-time. Measure true customer acquisition costs across channels against customer lifetime value, enhance campaign performance and media mix.
QuanticMind enables users to prepare, analyze and visualize complex SEM data from Google, Bing and Yahoo. The platform lets you track analytics across the entire online/offline customer journey, and put that data into action with ML for PPC bid optimization. QuanticMind is the pioneer of predictive advertising management software for paid search and delivers the most intelligent, scalable, and fastest platform for maximizing advertising performance for enterprises. QuanticMind platform lets you track analytics across the entire online/offline customer journey, and put that data into action with ML.
Built for marketers, by marketers. Aggregate all your marketing data into one place, in real time. 100+ integrations. Reduce manual reporting time by 90%. No developers or SQL knowledge required. Integrations include: Fb, Insta, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Adwords, Outbrain, Adroll & more. Extract data & send it to visualization tools like Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets & more. Take control of your marketing data. Get all your marketing data in one place. Having data challenges? Reach out. We can help!
Oribi is a powerful analytics tool that does the heavy lifting for you, translating your data into concrete steps you can take for better results. A fantastic alternative to Google Analytics, Oribi allows you to auto-track events without coding, easily keep track of your website's changes and trends, create fully customizable reports, and get the insights you need to increase conversions. Marketers from all kinds of businesses use Oribi to get amazing marketing results without having to rely on developers or analysts.
Advanced Web Ranking is a powerful rank tracker that enables you to accuratelly track your search performance for any location, device, language or search engine. It comes with complex data segmentation tools, insightful performance metrics and reporting options, fully whitelabel web interface, unlimited user accounts per subscription and more. Free 30 day trial is available. Get accurate rankings, find opportunities for extra organic traffic and outperform competitors, while reporting results to clients.
Kissmetrics is a product and marketing analytics tool founded on the principle that data isn't just a set of numbers you plop into a graph and present to your boss. Each number represents a user, a customer, or a significant action or behavior that contributes to your north star metric and overall growth of your business. Every business is different so we partner with you to ensure you're collecting the right engagement, retention, and revenue metrics that matter to your business. An advanced behavioral analytics solution for product and marketing teams.
Countly is an enterprise grade analytics and marketing platform for mobile, web, desktop and IoT applications with a focus on data liberation and security. Countly is available in two different editions - self hosted or private cloud Enterprise Edition with premium plugins and customisable SLA, and Community Edition with basic plugins and a free-to-use non-commercial license. Leading enterprise-grade mobile analytics and marketing platform
Bizible's marketing attribution solution allows B2B marketing teams to effectively track and optimize their efforts based on sales outcomes like revenue. Bizible's technology allows companies to accurately track offline revenue back to the exact online marketing source.
Kenshoo is the leading technology platform for brands looking to plan, activate and amplify effective marketing across the most-engaging digital channels. Kenshoo offers the only marketing solution that provides data-driven insights and optimization technology to help make informed decisions and scale performance across Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, Yandex, Yahoo Japan, and Baidu. Kenshoo enables brands and agencies to automate, optimize and scale their Search, Social, Ecommerce & App campaigns.
Attribution is simplifying multi-touch attribution, making it easy for marketers to track & optimize conversion, cost and revenue for every touch and channel across the buying journey. With cohort analysis, multi-day return on ad spend, and secure integration with all ad platforms, you have the insight to deliver more revenue with less spend. Ranked #1 by G2 Grid for ease of setup, Attribution can be installed in minutes natively or using any CRM or ecommerce tool. Request a free demo today! Full funnel conversion and revenue tracking solution for your marketing channels including day-by-day cohort based Return on Ad Spend.
Go beyond traditional analytics and truly understand your customers. Go beyond traditional analytics and truly understand your customers.
Stop wasting time with manual data collection and start focusing on getting better insights. Funnel integrates with over 500 marketing and advertising platforms (plus additional data sources on request) to collect, clean, and harmonize all your data and feed it to any destination you want. Pick any BI Tool, Visualization Software, or Data Warehouse on the market and we send your data there. No coding skills required, we do all the heavy lifting. Start your free trial today! Automate your data collection from over 500 marketing and advertising platforms with Funnel. Free trial available!
Sales, marketing, and predictive analytics software that helps with real time ROI optimization, conversion tracking, and dynamic phone call tracking. Funnel Science helps companies with online advertising such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Retargeting and traditional sales funnels like print, radio, TV. All of your web visitors, leads, customers in 1 tool with real time optimization in a closed loop marketing system using predictive analytics and multiple machine learning techniques Sales, marketing, and predictive analytics software that helps with real time ROI optimization, conversion tracking, and AdWords.
Keyword Rank Tracker for Google, Bing and Yahoo that helps businesses with competitor analysis, SERP Checker, and custom reports. Keyword Rank Tracker for Google, Bing and Yahoo that helps businesses with competitor analysis, SERP Checker, and custom reports.
Piwik PRO is the first privacy-oriented alternative to Google Analytics. Created in 2013, Piwik PRO Analytics Suite allows for tracking web, app, product and intranet behavior of users. The platform ensures compliance with strict EU, US, Chinese and Russian data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Piwik PRO: Analytics, Tag Manager, Personalization, Customer Data Platform, GDPR Consent Manager and Custom Reports.
The web-based tool connects to over 75 data warehouses, databases and cloud service solutions. Slemma's step-by-step Chart Designer makes report generation quick and seamless, allowing businesses to visualize their third-party data in minutes. With Slemmas unmatched collaboration capabilities, dashboards and reports can easily be shared to both clients and colleagues. Slemma empowers business leaders to monitor and improve KPIs, speed up internal decision making, and win more clients. Slemma is a powerful reporting tool that enables users to create easy-to-use and dynamic data reports from multiple data sets.
Web-based SEO and content marketing software for companies to improve its online presence and connect with customers. Web-based SEO and content marketing software for companies to improve its online presence and connect with customers.
**For Mobile Apps Only** Appsee is the leader in qualitative mobile app analytics, utilizing user session recordings and touch heatmaps to uncover UI & UX issues, and achieve ambitious app KPIs. Appsee does this by adding a visual layer of data on top of the numerical layer, so you can quickly dive in deeply to your users' experience and come out with actionable insights. Appsee has given some of the top brands in the world that extra edge to stay ahead of the competition. Appsee is a qualitative mobile analytics platform, empowering app makers to deliver the ultimate user experience and achieve app KPIs.
DemandJump removes the blindspots from digital marketing by revealing more of the customer journey and competitive landscape than you could ever see before. #1 See what consumers are doing - not just which ad they click on, but the websites they visit, the searches they conduct along the path to purchase, and more. #2 See what competitors are doing - where theyre showing up, whats driving their traffic, the content/ads they use, and how you compare. #3 See what you should be doing next. With DemandJump you will see what consumers are doing, see what your competitors are doing, and see what you should be doing next.
Transform your digital marketing campaigns with actionable information using Beacon. Beacon is a practical, easy-to-use marketing dashboard and platform that allows you to take control of your digital marketing campaigns - to learn, improve and transform the effectiveness of your multi channel digital marketing. Optimise your marketing spend and maximise your business success by delivering the actionable information to do more of what works and less of what doesn't. Beacon helps marketers create better multi channel digital campaigns, giving actionable information for campaign transformation.
Marketing optimization software for marketing managers that are focused on generating targeted leads and improving sales team performance. Marketing Optimizer empowers digital marketers with the tools and reporting to continually improve their lead generation campaigns. Marketing Optimizer integrates with all popular website testing, web analytics, and landing page optimization software. Provides a single interface to increase targeted traffic, maximize website conversion rates, and improve sales team performance.
Hosted search management application that helps advertisers and agencies manage and grow their search campaigns. Hosted search management application that helps advertisers and agencies manage and grow their search campaigns.
LeadLander provides specific details about each visitor on your website, their journey through your website pages, as well as company details including website, address and phone number. This powerful information arms sales, business development, and marketing teams with the strategic insight to focus on their prospecting and lead follow up initiatives to maximize sales opportunities. LeadLander reconciles anonymous website visitors, turning unknown visitor data into actionable sales & marketing intelligence.
Authoritas and Linkdex have been building sophisticated SEO software tools and data for over a decade. In 2018, Authoritas acquired the Linkdex platform and has since integrated the very best of both enterprise class solutions to bring an unrivalled range of SEO capabilities to market. Use our platform to view competitor data, market share, keyword analysis and so much more. Our aim is to help clients grow organic traffic that converts. Get in touch to unlock the insights. Authoritas is a data science-driven SEO and content marketing platform for Enterprises and E-commerce Businesses
Sales & Orders Management Software for Google Shopping includes a full-suite of feature and tools dedicated to helping retailers create, manage, optimize, and analyze their Google Shopping campaigns all supported by a Premier Google Partner Agency and Certified Google Shopping specialists. Management Software for Google Shopping
A SaaS application layer on top of all your info to help you collect and analyze data, and make better business decisions. A SaaS application layer on top of all your info to help you collect and analyze data, and make better business decisions.
AuthorityLabs adds value to your SEO efforts, making it easy to see your rank improvements in the search results. You can integrate Google Analytics as well to see traffic data to your website. We provide search volume data for your keywords, unlimited on demand reporting and search insights to give you an idea on where to focus your SEO efforts. On demand reporting, web analytics and white labeling are all available features.
SessionsCam records all customer activities on the website and identifies web pages which are causing problems to the viewers. Users can monitor customers through individual recordings to monitor customer behavior on the website. The conversion funnel provides the analysis of customer journey across the website and identifies the pages where maximum users drop-off. Funnel also compares the performance of different customer segments accessing websites on different devices. Cloud-based web analytics software to analyze traffic on the website and monitor web sessions to check customer activities.
CustomerEngagePro Analytics provides an On-Premise Web Analytics Solutions that help you to track multiple websites at a go! This advanced Web Analytics tool helps you to identify your audience, track their journey throughout your application and maximize revenues. Its predictive modeling of data helps SMB, banks and other domains to understand and address the user behaviour. CustomerEngagePro is a Web analytics platform which has capability to scale upto prescriptive modeling as well. Enterprise, on-premise web analytics solution provides governments, corporations with powerful insights to improve their online sales.
Quantum Metric is the Digital Experience Intelligence platform, driving unparalleled visibility into every customer interaction across all devices and delivering faster data-driven decisions. Performance and security are the foundation of Quantum Metric, enabling customers to gain real-time user insights securely and at scale. Quantum Metric delivers Digital Experience Intelligence via unparalleled customer visibility and data-driven decision making.
Dont do web analytics. Get your Web Analytics as a PDF Report in your intray and understand how your site generates business to you, and what your best improvement options are: - Advice on your best site improvement options - Suggestions on how to increase conversions - Basis statistic on your site's performance You do not need to spend time on web analytics or need to learn complicated tools. Automate your Web Analytics. Canecto is the smart alternative to hiring a digital agency or doing analytics yourself.
Customer experience analytics platform that helps businesses of all sizes track visitors' browsing behavior, attributes and more using advanced filtering, segmentation, heat maps and other tools. Customer experience analytics platform that helps businesses of all sizes track visitors' browsing behavior, attributes and more.
An advanced level SEO analysis tool with a refreshingly simple and usable interface. Unamo SEO achieves the ideal balance between simplicity and in-depth data such as daily keyword rankings for mobile and desktop, SERP Feature tracking, Global and localized search engines, Google Analytics, and Search Console integrations, a full backlinks profile, and on-page optimization audits. An SEO solution that gives you top to bottom insights on the overall success of your SEO campaigns.
Tealium AudienceStream Customer Data Platform turns raw event-level data from all your customer engagement venues into customer-level insights stored in a dynamic, real-time customer profile. These insights are created and leveraged through business rules that enrich data as it flows in and drive action in any integrated system of an organization's tech stack. AudienceStream provides capabilities combining identity resolution, data enrichment and robust cross-channel audience management. Industry-leading CDP enabling organizations to build a single view of the customer, enrich it, and drive action across the tech stack.
A free link shortener that will show your banner ads to anyone clicking on ANY link you share. We show 10-15 ads over 2 weeks to anyone who clicked the links you share on social media, email, influencers, etc. We display the ads on premium site (Vogue, CNN, Business Insider, etc) through Google and other major ad networks. You can shorten links and create your audience for free, we only charge you $8/CPM for the ads (volume discount available). A free link shortener that will show your banner ads to anyone clicking on ANY link you share.
Maintain your web presence and view your website traffic in one place. We provide local marketing software for small businesses helping them attract customers, grow profits and maximize efficiency.
ConvertCart is a machine learning-based all-in-one conversion optimization tool suite that ties together 21 tools into a powerful ecosystem. With brands like Squatty Potty, Legrand, etc. placing their trust in us, were setting benchmarks across 35 different industries one client at a time. ConvertCart fully integrates with every major e-commerce, ESP and data platform, including Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento and more Know more about us at www.convertcart.com ConvertCart is a machine learning-based all-in-one CRO tool suite that ties together 21 tools into a powerful ecosystem.
A fully customizable reporting solution that is quick and easy to implement. Reports are responsive, and can be delivered in many ways. A fully customizable reporting solution that is quick and easy to implement. Reports are responsive, and can be delivered in many ways.
Botify is the first unified suite of applications assisting enterprise SEO stakeholders in each phase of the organic search process including technical SEO, content and real keywords. Often referred to by our customers as the advanced version of Google Search Console, Botify is giving SEO stakeholders the data, tools, and diagnostics necessary to create and maintain high quality digital assets for search engines and voice assistants. Botify is the first enterprise SEO suite that supports each phase of the search process : technical SEO, content and real rankings
AT Internet's web analytics solution helps companies to measure their web & mobile traffic to better drive their digital performance. From data collection to exploration, activation and the sharing of insights, AT Internets Analytics Suite provides fully reliable data for optimal decision-making company-wide. Perfectly adapted to e-commerce, media, finance/banking, and corporate websites and mobile apps, the Analytics Suite is easy-to-use for all individuals within a company. AT Internet's web analytics solution is one of the worlds major analytics tool.
Fastbase is a web and database analytics company that offers a growing suite of tools to support B2B marketing and sales. In June 2016 Fastbase launched its WebLeads product - an add-on to Google Analytics - identifying companies that visit your website. Fastbase's software generates comprehensive lead reports containing company profiles, visitor interactions, key employee contact data, LinkedIn profile information, and email addresses. Fastbase software can integrate with CRM systems. Web analytics solution that helps organizations track website visitors, identify network domain, and provide business contact data.
Powerful enough to handle the requirements of large enterprises, yet cost-effective enough to remain accessible to individual website owners, SmarterStats provides the website statistics businesses need to increase conversions and maximize ROI. Provides the website statistics businesses need to increase conversions and maximize ROI.
Plumb5, a real-time end-to-end customer centric digital analytical & marketing automation tools, that helps marketers, generate more leads using automation, enabling with Real Time Analytics, Engagement and Automation based on visitor behavior. It enables you to pin point intent based targeting and personalization by engaging with web audience at right time. Its an innovative and a modern tool for today's reach. Online Marketing, Content Measurement, Web Analytics and Personalization, Offline/Online Integration, Lead Generation, Social Engageme
InnerTrends is a data science platform for product teams. We offer you deep insights into how your customers use your product in order to increase the lifetime value of your users. No need to be a data scientist! All the reports are in plain English, offering you actionable insights so that you can optimize the user acquisition, onboarding, retention and customer engagement! Data science for product teams
ObservePoint automatically validates and monitors analytics and digital marketing tags across websites and apps, helping enterprises be more efficient and confident in their data-driven decisions. Our solution works with hundreds of marketing technologies, verifying that digital assets conform to business requirements and protecting against the threat of data inflation, loss and leakage. Solution designed to automate and validate your data analytics and governance. Maximizes investments, increases efficiency, and more.